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Last August, I made the move with my family from Wisconsin to Colorado, and with that obviously were some big changes. New house, new job, new work, new everything! Everything different and exciting! Despite all this "newness", my family and I were excited to live back in the west! Living in mountain time for about 6 months now, it never really occurred to me how much I've changed until my friend had visited me. Here are some things I've realized that happen to you when you move to Colorado or back west in general.

1. Your use of the word "dude" increases dramatically!

Not to say I didn't use it before, I am originally from CA, but I swear I'm saying dude like every 5-10 milliseconds. I even greet my cat and dog at the door by shouting "Hey my dudes!". It's getting excessive and I don't know how to turn it off...nor do I really want to.

2. Driving becomes a 6th sense.

Look, I know how to drive, AND I know how to drive in big cities...but Colorado has some of the craziest drivers I've ever seen! I'm not making this up, it's backed up by numerous reports on how bad it is out here! Just take a quick Google of "Colorado worst drivers" and article after article pops up! Since living here, I've seen more duck taped and bent in bumpers than NASCAR has in one race! Be careful out here dudes! (See, I did it again!)

3. Getting used to the elevation is a newfound power!

The average elevation for the entire state is 6,800 feet above sea level, and depending on where you live in Colorado, it could be even more! Before I lived here, I went on vacation to Glenwood Springs and was shocked to see air actually sold at the many ski and snowboard shops! When I run around, I'm surprised at how quickly I get out of breath...until I remember the fact that THERE IS LESS AIR HERE! It's one of Colorado's key characteristics, and once you get used to it, nothing can hold you back!

4. You almost want to take on a new hobby or diet!

Everyone out here is into hiking, yoga, vegan, vegetarian, karate, skiing; the list can go on and on! And here I am, into eating fast food and laying on the couch all day! It's almost abnormal to be lazy here, which makes sense! Their driving may be poor, but peoples' lifestyles sure make up for it! Colorado is one of the healthiest states due to all the activities and eating regimes everyone is on! Go, Colorado!

5. You learn words like "Kombucha" and all the terms used to describe the mountains!

I didn't know Kombucha was even a word that existed until I worked in a coffee shop in Boulder and a customer came up asking me if we sold it. The look of horror on my face and the confusion on the customer's face created a space of just utter awkwardness until my coworker chimed in. Apparently its big out here. I also now proudly know the difference between the "front range" and the "flat irons". Don't ask me how to get there though!

6. Your sense of direction is also based on the mountains!

Something great Colorado offers if you're bad at directions like me, is a built-in compass within the mountains! You know that getting closer to them means you're going West, and driving directly away from them is East! Or you could look at your GPS, that's cool too.

7. You don't know how you ever lived without mountains and insanely beautiful scenery before!

I've got to admit, I'm not the most observant person. I typically never stop to smell the flowers or admire what a wonderful day it is. But, driving home from a long day at work and seeing the mountains in front of me, or hearing coyotes' howls during summer nights never fails to make me grin!

Role Model Paper on My Mother

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Role Model Paper on My Mother

A role model is someone who you can relate with. It is someone who will be hopefully you learn from and in turn they learn from you. My role model is my mother. She had to go through a summer of hell and this is what happened to her and what I learned to. God gives you certain situations and you have to run with it.
I did not want big responsibilities. I figured, “ Why should I worry about them, until I have to.” My way of thinking was selfish. I have always been a little selfish, but caring at the same time. I didn’t have that many real responsibilities. I had your typical chores. I had to do well in school, make sure my room was clean and try not to get in trouble. In my mind, I did not want to…show more content…

I left the kitchen got changed and left. I drove around and around thinking this was too surreal. I started to break down and cry, thinking that I might lose my mother.
After that night, it was a lot harder to focus on school, friends and work. I kept making excuses for why I did not want to do anything but sit at home. I studied the best I could for my final exams. It was hard to study with everything running through my brain. Since grades were always very important to my mother I tried to do well for her. I ended up getting a 3.0 for my junior year. I felt I owed that to my parents. Especially, my dad who had enough stress with his business doing poorly, having a wife that was sick and two kids to support. I felt that my doing well would take some stress off his shoulders.
The summer was starting and my mother was getting sicker by the day. My summer job was grounds keeping at a golf course from five-thirty in the morning until two in the afternoon. During my lunch breaks, I would drive home and eat lunch with my mom. I would always be a couple of minutes late coming back but it was well worth it. Since my mom was not doing well the doctors said she could not go on a trip to Atlanta to see her first niece get married. For twenty-six years she looked forward to seeing her dead brother’s daughter’s wedding. Needless to say she was heartbroken.
After getting a second opinion, surgery was scheduled for July 30th. The 30th came and we waited for what was the

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