Christian Service Reflective Essay Example

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Helping out others through community service has made me learn so much about others as well as myself. Being a host for a group of foreign students that live in China helped me realize the difference in culture and even strengthened my knowledge about my own surroundings. The smallest favors you do for someone can make such an impact especially when asking for nothing in return. I feel so happy to be able to help someone and make their lives easier even if it is just moving their luggage for them like a group of us did during the cycle Oregon tour.
The first thing my community service taught me is that there is so much extra help needed in places you wouldn’t even think of. Not everyone can afford to hire someone for help or to do work and doing it without pay made me feel better as a person because it wasn’t like I didn’t get anything in return, I built character skills. When housing our Chinese students we had limited communication because they didn’t speak English. We had to find other ways to communicate and keep ourselves entertained which was a tough experience! We showed them Seattle, took them to museums, baseball games, and to shopping malls so they got the full American experience.
Next, community service taught me that if everyone would just pitch in a couple hours of help we could get so much accomplished in this world! During the Cycle Oregon tour, the sports teams and the band helped move hundreds of suitcases in a matter of hours. Imagine if everyone on the earth did just one small deed for someone who could use the help, the world would be a better and friendlier place.
In conclusion, my community service hours have made me into a better person. Even though my amount of hours needed are complete, I’ll never want to quit helping others. When I help others, I’m also helping myself.

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