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Critical thinking tests measure an individual’s ability to make analyse, conceptualise and reason effectively. Critical thinking tests can measure critical thinking in a number of ways, and critical thinking tests often comprise multiple different sub-tests within a single test. Critical thinking tests are common selection tool for roles which require significant critical, independent thought, particularly in the legal sector. Although critical thinking tests primarily measure cognitive ability, there is often a learned, developable aspect to critical thinking, which allows individuals to improve their critical thinking skills, and subsequent scores on critical thinking tests. Candidates taking critical thinking tests may also be required to complete other assessments, which may include personality, situational judgement or other aptitude tests.

Psychological research has found critical thinking tests to be highly valid predictors of future performance in work and education. As a result, job candidates may be asked to complete a critical thinking test as part of an organisations selection process. Organisations are likely to use a critical thinking test in a number of possible ways. Firstly, a critical thinking test may be used as an early screening tool, identifying high potential candidates early in the selection process. Secondly, a critical thinking test may be used in conjunction with an interview, either before the interview or shortly after. Finally, candidates may be required to complete a critical thinking test during an assessment centre, at the final stages of the selection process. Regardless of when the critical thinking test is administered, passing it is essential to maximising your chances of being selected by that organisation.

Watson Glaser Practice Sites Introduction

The best Watson Glaser practice questions can be found here.

The Watson Glaser critical verbal reasoning tests is a critical reasoning test. There is a good introduction to this psychometric at the Lawyer Portal, which explains how the Watson Glaser test is typically used by law firms. Trainee lawyers need to have strong verbal critical thinking skills in order to process a lot of written information in their case files – as well as from law journals.

exist to offer to their clients individual legal expertise and corporate courses in legal requirments. Depending on the type of law being practiced, there is also a role requirement  for deducing arguments based on the available evidence. Barristers would then present these arguments to the judge and jury in a court of law.

There are sample tests on the major law firms Websites for Hogan Lovells andLinklaters websites. Both of these law firms attract many graduate applicants to the recruitment campaigns they each run several times a year. The Watson Glaser is a very useful psychometric tool for ranking the critical verbal reasoning skills of such applicants.

Watson Glaser Practice Sites

There are other practice sites offering Watson Glaser practice questions. For example, Assessment Day, Wikijob and Assessment Centre HQ

Watson Glaser Tips

There are tips for critical verbal reasoning Watson Glaser format questions here.

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