Chang Gung Craniofacial Fellowship Application Personal Statement

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Winter 2017

Includes stories on:
  • Rural medicine's advantages are many – and ignored
  • Residents Bowl 2017 champ: University of Washington
  • Program Peek: University of California-Los Angeles
  • PlastyPAC creates spot for residents on its BOG
  • ASMS: A changing of the youthful guard
  • What I learned about 'micro' at Chang Gung Hospital
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Fall 2017

Includes stories on:
  • Society's advocacy invite brings 18 residents to D.C.
  • You need personal time – don't be afraid to ask
  • Consult Corner focus: acute facial nerve lacerations
  • InService Insights digs into vascular tumors
  • Senior Residents Conference coming to Orlando
  • The many things I wish I knew as a resident
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Summer 2017

Includes stories on:
  • The benefits of going ‘international’ for your electives
  • An incapacitated attending – can you finish the case?
  • Reconstructive microsurgery fellowship: three questions
  • InService Insights focus on bone tumors to the hand
  • How I became an artist on a tablet – replete with oil paints
  • Mandible fracture articles every resident should read
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Spring 2017

Includes stories on:
  • Stress relief: How I joined a band and learned to love my life as resident
  • Things I wish I’d known before I became a resident
  • Odontogenic cysts and tumors await in the In-Service Exam
  • Tips to help you crush that research grant application
  • Craniofacial surgery: 10 articles that everyone should read
  • Revision amputation versus replantation of the finger
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Winter 2016

Includes stories on:
  • O.R. ergonomics: Avoid chronic physical effects of long operations
  • These tips will keep you on-course during your residency
  • Embrace your artistic talents during surgical training
  • Pearls from the Masters: DIEP flap techniques
  • Residents earn abstracts honors at ASPS annual meeting
  • Getting on an ASPS committee is easier than you think
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Fall 2016

Includes stories on:
  • Professionalism and plastic surgery: Merging the two
  • Tips for starting a practice – from a peer who just did
  • Fielding an E.D. call on pediatric nasal trauma
  • Steps to consider when faced with duty-hours dilemma
  • Ten PRS articles that edify on flexor tendon repair
  • Get funded: The PSF accepting apps for variety of projects
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Summer 2016

Includes stories on:
  • What I know about the demands of parenting during residency
  • Balancing plastic surgery training and humanitarian mission trips
  • You're called in for a pediatric mandible fracture – what next?
  • Shakespeare never had to contemplate 'To PhD, or not to PhD'
  • 10 key rhinoplasty papers for true nasal anatomy navigation
  • Simon Talbot, MD: From Auckland, New Zealand, to Harvard
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Spring 2016

Includes stories on:
  • Plastic surgery training in the U.S.A.: Scandanavian perspective
  • Craniofacial Fellow shares thoughts on selecting a program
  • In-Service insight: answering questions on parotid tumors
  • Swift and decisive saves the day with a dog-bite patient
  • Ten PRS articles for building a solid facial anatomy foundation
  • ‘Ironman’ Michael Gart, MD, balances training and … training
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Fall 2015

Includes stories on:
  • Five tips for landing a great first job
  • Beyond the obvious: benefits of rotations ‘away’
  • Developing and managing a social media presence
  • Industry data and risk management in cosmetic surgery
  • When – and how – to break up with difficult patients
  • Stressing about the Oral or Written board exams?
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Carlos Rivera-Serrano, MD is a US trained plastic & reconstructive surgeon with additional advanced-fellowship training in Asia and Europe. He trained in Plastic Surgery at the University of Florida and then completed his fellowships in some of the most widely recognized and sought after plastic surgery centers in the world. He first completed a one-year clinical Craniofacial Surgery / Reconstructive Microsurgery Fellowship at the world-renowned Chang Gung Memorial Hospital in Taiwan, where he was also the Noordhoff Craniofacial Foundation Fellow. He then did a clinical Reconstructive Microsurgery Fellowship at Gent University Hospital in Belgium, one of the premier plastic surgery programs in Europe, focusing on complex microvascular breast reconstruction and perforator flaps (free tissue transfer or “free flaps”). Both in Taiwan and Belgium, he worked under global pioneers of plastic surgery, including the developers of several techniques of facial skeletal surgery and breast reconstruction with DIEP and perforator flaps, among many others.

In addition to plastic surgery, Dr. Rivera-Serrano also completed a residency in Otolaryngology - Head & Neck Surgery at the University of Pittsburgh, ranked as the second best program in the nation by U.S. News & World Report the year of his graduation.

Dr. Rivera-Serrano was recruited to the beautiful college town of Carbondale, IL to develop the reconstructive microsurgery program, focusing on breast and head & neck reconstruction, and to further expand the facial and cosmetic surgery services. Dr. Rivera-Serrano main interests include reconstructive and cosmetic facial surgery and breast surgery, including nasal, eyelid and facelift surgery.

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