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Specialty: M/S
State: MA
Day Hour Days - 5Week Assignment

People from all over the country love visiting Boston for a variety of reasons. It's a major educational hub home to dozens of esteemed colleges and universities such as Harvard, Berklee College of Music and Tuffs. It's home to a well-known theatre d...

Specialty: M/S
State: NY
Night Hour Days - 14Week Assignment

Known as "The Crossroads of the World," New York City remains not only the most populous city of the U.S, but it is the global mecca for all things art, commerce, media, fashion, entertainment, food, education and technology. New York has a massive n...

LPN travel nurses know how to advance their nursing career but enjoy feeling like they're on a vibrant getaway. Licensed practical nurses who decide to take on travel jobs get the luxury to explore the country, earn incredible money, get all-expenses paid, and gain ample opportunities to continue their education. Travel LPN jobs will give you the opportunity to travel the country while still making a stellar wage!

Find the Best LPN Travel Assignments

Travel LPN nurses are always in-demand as our country continues battling the crippling national nurse shortage. Staffing agencies are willing and able to provide the most desirable perks imaginable for your talents. Housing, travel, benefits, CEUs, and more are all taken into consideration. These travel LPN jobs are available all over the nation, so what are you waiting for? Our extensive database of LPN travel assignments will ensure that you're finding the best possible assignment.

"Ring, ring." Yep, that’s just Opportunity calling. Should you choose to answer, Travel Nurse Source can make finding your dream travel LPN job a reality.

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