How To Do My Assignments Online Games

With our new challenge feature, you can assign kahoots as homework, so that students can play on their phones. Make homework engaging, increase its completion rate and save time on correcting assignments!

Watch our easy, step-by-step guide for creating a challenge and assigning it as homework, either from your computer or in the mobile app.

If you’re more of a text person, here are the instructions:

From your computer

  1. Go to, and log in to your Kahoot! account.
  2. Open the kahoot you want, or create one as usual.
  3. Click on the Challenge button and follow the instructions to set up a challenge. Choose when you’d like the challenge to end.
  4. Copy the challenge link, and share with your students – via email, via your LMS or other messengers. Alternatively, you can share the PIN of the challenge. For example, just write it on the whiteboard before students leave the class.
  5. Students need to install the Kahoot! app on their mobile devices. When they open the challenge link, it’ll take them to the app automatically.
    If you shared the challenge PIN, they’ll need to enter the code manually when they launch the app.
  6. Access and review student data at any time to see which students have completed the challenge and how many questions they’ve answered!
    Once you’ve created a challenge, you’ll see a View results link under the kahoot description that will take you to the game reports. You also can track the progress in My results anytime – just download a spreadsheet with a report for the game!

From the mobile app

  1. Launch the Kahoot! app on your phone. Tap the profile icon in the bottom left corner, then tap the settings icon and sign in to your account.
  2. Open the kahoot you want.
  3. Tap Play.
  4. On the next step, select Challenge Friends to set up a challenge. Choose how long you want it to be live.
  5. Copy the challenge link, and share via social media, messengers (e.g. Whatsapp) or email. Alternatively, you can share the game PIN.
  6. Those you challenge will need to install the Kahoot! app to accept the challenge in the app on their device.

Make homework awesome!

Let’s reinforce learning! Play this tutorial quiz on assigning kahoots as homework

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