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Case Study Chapter’s 13 and 18 2 Case Study Chapter 13 How did Dr. Doe perform compared to the rest of the service? Dr. Doe’s overall performance is unremarkable. The numbers were lower than the other physician and the group as a whole. Dr. Doe may have a smaller patient load either by choice or his practice may just be starting out. There was only one infection noted and it could have been there on admission. There was no evidence of any blood given, and no mortalities noted as well. Dr. Doe was noted in having 53 admissions and a total of 132 patient days. As mentioned before these number are very low and as he advances in his practice they should increase. As far as the other parts of the performance review there was no information on medication use, other peer review, or the other major titles of data quality, risk/safety management, and meeting attendance. Should Dr. Doe be reappointed to the medical staff? Why or why not? I feel like he should be reappointed. Although this is not enough information to make that decision but there is also not reason why he was taken off the medical staff. There should be more information in order to better answer this question and also to compare him to the other physician as well as the group as a whole. As mentioned before he may be new to the area or a new physician and is building his practice.

Joint Commission Standards Case Study 2 Joint Commission Information Management Standards- Case Study Table Issue IM Standard Excerpt Computer workstations are too old to provide an adequate platform for later versions of software that would more effectively support departmental reporting IM.01.01.01 Information management systems and processes vary and the organization should base those processes on internal and external analysis of needs (Shaw 2012). There is no organization-wide local-area network available IM.01.01.01 Appropriate individuals are ensured that required data and information are provided efficiency for patient care, research, education, and management at every level (Shaw 2012). Software applications and versions are not standard across the organization, so members of different departments cannot share data and information in electronic format IM.01.01.03 The organization plans for continuity in the information management process and has a written plan for managing interruption to its information processes (Shaw 2012). Reports are prepared in the generating department and output on paper then input again in administrative departments to be

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