Freedom Speech Essay Topics

The Top 15 Freedom Of Speech Essay Topics For College

There are several different types of topics that you can write about when it comes to freedom of speech. When you are writing about Freedom of Speech, you can touch on a variety of topics including freedom of speech activists, organizations, and books. You can write your essay on the topics listed below or use these ideas to come up with your own topics.

  1. Activist: Floyd Abrams
  2. Activist: Susan Block
  3. Activist: Ida Craddock
  4. Activist: Mike Godwin
  5. Activist: Emma Goldman
  6. Books: Beyond the First Amendment
  7. Books: Cyber Rights
  8. Books: Free Speech, “The People’s Darling Privilege”
  9. Books: Freedom of Expression
  10. Books: Net.wars
  11. Organizations: Center for Media Freedom and Responsibility
  12. Organizations: Committee to Protect Journalists
  13. Organizations: Electronic Frontier Foundation
  14. Organizations: Student Press Law Center
  15. Organizations: Free Speech League

The first step is to come up with a topic. After you have decided on a topic, you can start developing your thesis statement. When you are doing research, you have to start thinking about the main idea you want to express through your paper. Once you have your thesis statement, it is a good idea to write up an outline. The outline should contain complete sentences including transitions that bridge one topic to the next. The outline is such a helpful tool in directing your research to specific areas. If you don’t have an outline, you could be taking notes on subjects that you aren’t even going to talk about. This is a waste of time.

Remember that this is a college essay so you should include some direct quotes from your research. For example, if you are writing about a famous activist speaker, you should quote one of the statements from a famous speech. This will add to the validity of your paper. When you add quotes from scholarly sources, you are adding support for your claims. When you make a claim in your paper back it up with some evidence.

Make sure that you also proofread and edit your paper. This is a commonly skipped step and it shouldn’t be. You want to make sure that you read through your paper a few times to make sure that it does not contain any errors. Your spell and grammar check will catch most of the issues but not all of the issues. Have a friend read through it too, if you think that will help.

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One of the most common assignments is the Freedom of Speech essay. For students, the prospect of writing this type of paper can be daunting. A high school student has never really experienced the benefits of the Bill of Rights, so writing about them can seem impossible. To get ideas, students can read through some of the following topics.

  • The Ku Klux Klan
  • In the case of the Ku Klux Klan versus Kansas City, the First Amendment protected the rights of hate speech. Although many people do not support the Ku Klux Klan, this case was a landmark event in the American judicial system.

  • Life Without the Freedom of Speech
  • Students who have traveled abroad may be familiar with different national laws. In other countries, the right to free speech is not protected. Writing a paper about this topic can be extremely interesting for the student.

  • The Double-Edged Sword of the First Amendment
  • By allowing this freedom, American citizens have to put up with hate speech and other forms of communication. For democracy to work, we must allow hate speech in order to allow average people the ability to speak freely.

  • Big Brother and Speech
  • In Big Brother, everyone is watched by cameras and audio recordings. This stops them from speaking their minds or developing alternative viewpoints. Write about how a Big Brother society is the opposite of what is present in America today.

  • Hate Speech Is a Necessary Evil
  • If we want the freedom of speech, hate speech is something that people must put up with.

  • Comparison: Canadian Rights
  • To gain a better understanding of the Bill of Rights, students should choose a different country and compare it to the United States.

  • Historical Basis of the Freedom of Speech
  • Why were the Founding Fathers interested in the freedom of speech? What historical events caused them to place this freedom in the Bill of Rights?

  • Freedom of Speech and the Internet: When Should Bullies be Censored?
  • Bullies and “trolls” online have a right to speak their mind like everyone else. What is the dividing line between a constitutionally-protected right and cyber bullying?

  • American Exceptionalism
  • Is the freedom of speech a right that is totally unique to the United States? Who was the first person to develop this idea?

  • Television
  • On television, nudity, swearing and violence are censored. Does this constitute a violation of the first amendment?

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