Sports Psychology Dissertation Examples

Top 22 Winning Dissertation Topics On Sports Psychology

All students like sports and it’s a real pleasure to write about them. You don’t have to make research in dozens of books and you can access any information on the internet. Of course, for sports psychology topics you will have to take a look at your psychology manual but it’s nothing that you can’t handle. Here are some of the best topics for your sports psychology dissertation:

  1. 1. Team sports. How can a coach make the team members collaborate in good way and prevent any problems?
  2. 2. How important is the encouragement of the fans?
  3. 3. Can stress reduce or increase the performance of a player?
  4. 4. Positive thinking and how to use it in your benefit during sports.
  5. 5. Anxiety and how to avoid it. Make sure you introduce some useful tips
  6. 6. Confidence and self esteem- how can an athlete improve these if he does not feel confident in his abilities?
  7. 7. The most important qualities of a professional athlete. What does it take to become successful?
  8. 8. Can mental strength influence physical strength?
  9. 9. Who has the best potential to become a professional? Is there any way to know this before actually signing up for training?
  10. 10. Leaders. Is it important for the team to have a leader?
  11. 11. Violent sports. Do players need to have special mental abilities?
  12. 12. Psychological counseling for sports players should be provided by the sports club?
  13. 13. Sport events and how these can influence the attitude of the players.
  14. 14. Football supporters and how they react when their team wins.
  15. 15. Can Sports connect people better than communication?
  16. 16. Reactions on the stadium. Bring a few pictures with fans who are supporting their favorite team and try to read and explain their facial expressions.
  17. 17. Forming a new team. What are the rules? What should the leader take into consideration?
  18. 18. The power of the anthem of the team. Is it vital for a team to have its own anthem and symbols?
  19. 19. Losing a game means losing all the confidence? Is there any relation between this and future performance?
  20. 20. Increasing the performance with psychological games. Can this work for beginners?
  21. 21. Development of sports and how they influenced the modern society.
  22. 22. Is sport a substitute for war? You can notice that players are more violent when they play against a country that they dislike.

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Why is it important to choose the right sport psychology dissertation ideas?

Many students will spend their time looking at if they are selecting an idea for their research that is unique and of course important to the field of sports psychology. They will also want to see if they can complete the research within the scope of the program that they are within and of course with the resources that they have available to them. Some, however, fail to appreciate that they also need to ensure that the dissertation topics psychology that they select must also satisfy their own specific needs. After all, if you do not choose something that is of interest to you are you really going to be able to maintain your interest for the next several years.

How to select the right dissertation ideas for psychology

Selecting the right sport psychology dissertation ideas for your research is vital if you want to get to the end of your PhD. The following are some simple ways that you can go about ensuring that you find a topic area that is going to maintain your interest throughout your research:

  • Continue with research that you have already started and want to continue
  • Solve an issue that you have encountered professionally
  • Talk to other sports psychology professionals to get their views
  • Review research that has been conducted that really interests your; pay special attention to what the author identifies as areas for further investigation

10 sports psychology dissertation ideas that you could use

The following are some different sport psychology dissertation topic areas that you could investigate and adapt to form your own ideas for your research:

  1. How does media affect the image conscious athlete and their eating behavior?
  2. The psychological effects of injuries received by career sportspersons
  3. Differences in coaching techniques between male and female athletes
  4. Different psychological approaches to improve recovery time after injury
  5. Cultural differences and their impact on sporting performance
  6. Reducing the barriers for doing sports for parents of young children
  7. The effect of aggression in sports
  8. Does meditation improve sports performance?
  9. How does behavior relate to injury in a specific sport?
  10. Does the sex of the coach affect sporting outcomes?

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