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“Marriage and what makes a good one?” i

“Marriage and what makes a good one?” is a major theme of Jane Austen’s ‘Pride and Prejudice’ discuss this aspect of the novel. The novel ‘Pride and Prejudice’ gives many ideas of marriage. It can be seen as a business transaction, an alliance between families or a social improvement for women but whichever way it… View Article


Marriage, the union of two people, is satirically presented by Evelyn Waugh in the novel ‘A Handful of Dust’ and by Edward Albee in the play ‘Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf?’ Both authors adopt a chilling approach to demonstrate the endemic of negative attitudes and pressures of 1930’s London and 1960’s American society placed on… View Article

Marriage Imprisons

Lectric Law Library defines marriage as, “A contract made in due form of law, by which a free man and a free woman reciprocally engage to live with each other during their joint lives, in the union which ought to exist between husband and wife. By the terms freeman and freewoman in this definition are… View Article

Football satire

It is that time of year again; the NFL is kicking off another season. Millions of men are ready to get settled in their favorite chair and spend each Sunday afternoon in their underpants, watching hours upon hours of NFL games and highlights. It is also time for wives and girlfriends to meticulously plan and… View Article

Nobody Is Perfect

A man and his girlfriend got married in a large celebration. All of their friends and family came to see the lovely ceremony. The bride was gorgeous in her white wedding gown and the groom was very dashing in his black suit. Everyone could tell that the love they had for each other was true…. View Article

Premarital Sex

Sex is an expression of love, a feeling of intimacy with a loved one, God’s given gift so that we can procreate. It is nothing to be feared or to be ashamed about. However, it is a double-edged whored which when held improperly could spell more disaster than of help. Studies have shown that more… View Article

Sacrament of Marriage

“Matrimony is the Sacrament which makes a Christian man and woman husband and wife, gives them grace to be faithful to each other and to bring up their children in love and devotion to God” (Zielnski) Marriage is defined as the state of being united to a person of the opposite sex as husband or… View Article

Same Sex Marriage

Same sex marriage is a legally or socially recognized marriage between two people of the same biological sex or social gender. This topic is an issue in marriages and families today because there has been an ongoing debate, arguments and so much confusion involved with same sex marriage for a very long time. There are… View Article

Wrong reason

It is sad that some marriages begin for what may be labeled a “wrong reason”. Some marriages were entered expressly for physical reasons. Perhaps the participants were infatuated with the other’s looks. Sexual gratification has no doubt given birth to many wed locks. Physical appearances change as age sets in and these marriages land in… View Article

Intercultural marriage

Intercultural marriages increases the effort needed to be able to maintain a lasting relationship due to factors such as differences in traditions, norms and even language. This can be viewed on the basis of the elements affecting the success and failures of marriages. It is a known fact that committing to a relationship and marrying… View Article

Predictors of Interracial Dating and Marriage

Interracial relationships and marriages have long been in existence. It was an inevitable outcome of the migration of various other races to the United States since the time of the Mayflower. Such relationships have weathered the height of social discrimination way back during the human rights movements of the sixties and have evolved from the… View Article

Position Argument In Marriage

Marriage is a ceremony or an act completed through contract by which man and woman become husband and wife. It is a loving, caring relationship that provides intimacy and security to all couples. It is entered into because of ensuing political, economic and other advantages and not just of mutual affection. It is viewed legally… View Article

Gender Communication Differences in Traditional Marriage

Men and women communicate differently. Two people of opposite gender joined in marriage have two very different styles of communication to the extent that this problem is sometimes insurmountable. Lack of clear communication between partners in a traditional marriage is often cited as the cause for divorce. What often occurs “is not a failure to… View Article

The Motif of Symbolic Prostitution in The Visit

The Visit, a tragic-comedy play written by Friedrich Dürrenmatt in 1956 shows a pessimistic vision of society. The play occurs in Guellen, a deprived town where Claire Zachanassian looks for financial salvation. The theme goes around the idea that society is based upon not fulfilled actions due to personal problems from the same population in… View Article

Interpreter of Maladies

Secrecy is a recurrent theme of Interpreter of Maladies. With reference to at least three stories, what are the causes and effects of this trait on the lines of the characters? Secrecy is the act of hiding information from certain individuals or groups. Secrecy is often controversial, depending on the content of the secret, the… View Article

Marriage Essay

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What does marriage mean? By definition, marriage is “the legal union of a man and a woman as husband and wife” (Webster’s Dictionary). Most people claim that they want their marriage to last a lifetime. Because over half of all marriages in the United States end in a divorce, most people lack the understanding of what it takes to stay married. I believe that couples should become more aware of the commitment that they are making when they enter into marriage.

Men and women should get to know one another completely before deciding to get married. Important issues such as religion, finances, career, and whether or not to have children should be discussed so that the couple can learn each other’s views regarding the…show more content…

Why did they not discuss this issue before they got married or did they think the other one would change after saying their wedding vows? Marriage is not about changing someone; instead, it is about loving your partner for his or her beliefs.

Rather than giving up and ending the marriage, many couples could save the marriage by trying to work through the problems that arise. Many people do not realize how much hard work has to be put into a marriage for it to be successful. When planning a wedding, some couples spend a lot of time preparing the vows that will be exchanged during the ceremony, but sadly the partners fail to live by the vows day after day. Scores of married couples drift apart because their hectic lives do not allow them to spend enough quality time together, which is important for a healthy marriage. Communication is also an essential factor in working through problems in a marriage.

Entering into marriage for the wrong reason usually leads to divorce. Sometimes an individual will say that he or she married for money, or he or she may claim to have married for love. Many times, lust is mistaken for love; consequently, when the passion ends so does the marriage. Some people choose to marry wealthy people solely to gain financial security, but eventually they will find that money does not lead to happiness. Others enter into marriage believing that it is a cure-all that will make

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