Egirl Essay Contest 2016

Young ladies of Pueblo, this is your chance to write an essay about the woman you want to be and what you will do to become that woman. Tell us about your future and you could win an American Girl Doll!

Contest Rules

Write an essay on the above-mentioned topic in 700 words or less.

Grand Prize

An American Girl Doll, one winner per grade. Winners will be invited to be honored at the Outstanding Women Awards luncheon at the Rawlings Library.

Runner-up Prizes

An American Girl Book, 10 runners up per grade.

Awards Ceremony: Annual High Tea Party

Winners and runners up will be invited to collect their prize and be honored at the Annual High Tea Party at Rawlings Library, Ryals Room, 4th floor. Winners and runners will be able to invite their friends!

Entry Submission

Entries may be submitted to any Pueblo library location. Mail or deliver to Rawlings Library, 100 E. Abriendo Ave., Pueblo, CO 81004 Attn: Community Relations. Please call Sara Schwartz at 553-0220 for more information.

Download entry form below.

The 2016 Short Story and Essay Contests

And the Winners Are…

A catholic priest’s world is shattered by a love affair. A military family confronts yet another relocation. A mother facing a health issue plays a board game with her son. A teenage boy connects with his roots on a remote Pacific island. The winners of this year’s short story and essay contests present eloquent and nuanced views of human existence. There were 120 adults and 60 high school students who entered the short story contest; 170 adults and 30 high school students entered the essay contest. The winners and runners-up of the contests, which were sponsored by Bethesda Magazine and the Bethesda Urban Partnership, each were awarded cash prizes ranging from $25 to $500 at the Bethesda Literary Festival in April.

Short Story

Adult Short Story

    •    First Place, Adam Brown, "Icons"

    •    Second Place, Kate Avagliano, "Delivery"

    •    Third Place, Bron Treanor, "Dinner With a Friend"

    •    Honorable Mention, Robert Granade, "Girl Under the Car"

    •    Honorable Mention, Tim Proser, "Deep Point in the Hillside"

Young Adult Short Story

    •    First Place, Elizabeth McCarver, Military Life in Six Parts

    •    Second Place, Keira DiGaetano, "Wish You Were Here"

    •    Third Place, Eva Shapiro, "Gabriel"

    •    Honorable Mention, Melvin Lewis, "Attempting a Happy Ending"

    •    Honorable Mention, Sam Lieberman, "A Trip to the Country"

    •    Honorable Mention, Cara Schultz, "Seven Written Words in Seat 102"


Adult Essay

    •    First Place, Amy Mermelstein, "The Game of Life"

    •    Second Place, Nancy Huidekoper, "The Flight Jacket"

    •    Third Place, Denyse Tannenbaum, "The Hammock"

    •    Honorable Mention, Robbie Maakestad, "Refuge in Ruins"

    •    Honorable Mention, Peng Wu, "The Seven Stages of Cleaning a Refrigerator With Your Mother-In-Law"

Young Adult Essay

    •    First Place, Jack Kiyonaga, "Molokai Mo’ Bettah"

    •    Second Place, Ruslan Gabidoulline, "Locked in Time"

    •    Third Place, Amy Hesselroth, "Midway on Mt. Misen"

    •    Honorable Mention, Victoria Yang, "Among the Stars"


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