Pusd Homework Policy For Elementary

Assignment of Students to Elementary Schools

Elementary School Zones

Piedmont is divided into three zones for the purpose of determining the attendance area for each elementary school. New students are admitted to the schools serving the zones in which they live, unless space is not available. For enrollment information, please contact an Administrative Assistant at one of the elementary schools:

  • Beach Elementary School: 510-594-2666 (Nicole Johnson)
  • Havens Elementary School: 510-594-2680 (Melanie Reed)
  • Wildwood Elementary School: 510-594-2780  (Christine Petersen)

Balancing Class and State and Local Class Size Reduction

Each year, it is anticipated that each school will have several classes at each grade level. In order to balance class sizes throughout the elementary schools and to comply with state and local class size reduction program guidelines, it is sometimes necessary for new enrollees and/or continuing students to be placed at a school other than the school serving the zone in which they live. All students affected by this will be notified by the principal. Students may be transferred to another school up to the first two weeks of the new school year. At the end of the school year, students who have been placed in another school will have the choice of remaining at that school or returning to the zone, provided there is space.

Grades 1-5: Should it become necessary, students will be selected for redirection in the following order:

a.    Volunteers – All families in the affected class will be given the option of volunteering to have their child redirected. Should more children volunteer than are needed, transfers will be granted in the order received.
b.    New Enrollees – In determining which new enrollees should be redirected, the following factors will be taken into consideration: enrollment date, proximity of student’s residence to the zone school, and school assignment for siblings.
c.    Inter-district transfer students
d.    Random selection

Kindergarten:  Parents will be notified of the possibility that their child may be redirected at elementary registration, kindergarten orientation, the end of the school year, and after new student summer registration. Should it become necessary to redirect kindergarten students, the following procedure will be used:

a.    Volunteers – All families in the affected class will be given the option of volunteering to have their child redirected. Should more children volunteer than are needed, transfers will be granted in the order received.
b.    Redirection by the school district – In deciding which students to redirect, the district will consider a variety of factors including, but not limited to: registration date, proximity of student’s residence to the zone school, and sibling(s).

Transitional Kindergarten:  Based on previous enrollment, we expect to offer 1 class of TK.  The site will be determined after the March Enrollment Day.

PUSD at a Glance

The Pasadena Unified School District (PUSD) serves approximately 17,000 Kindergarten through 12th grade students who reside in Pasadena, Altadena and Sierra Madre. There are a total of 26 schools in the district, including 18 sites serving elementary grades (K-5), 7 sites serving grades 6-8, and 4 sites serving grades 9-12. Every school provides a curriculum based on the California Common Core Standards, attention to social and emotional learning, arts and other enrichment programs, after school programs, and a diverse population that PEN believes leads to a rich learning environment for all students.

The District’s Parent/Student Handbook (updated August 2016) provides a directory of PUSD schools and an overview of programs and services.  Because homework impacts families, PEN facilitated a process to revise PUSD’s Homework Policy.  See also PEN’s Who to Contact page. Some highlights about PUSD schools include:

  • Ten elementary/K-8 schools had their most recent Academic Performance Index (API) above 800
  • 21 elementary and middle schools had an API above 700
  • Awards & recognition include a National Blue Ribbon School, California Distinguished schools, Title 1 Achieving schools, and more*
  • All four Pasadena Unified high schools (Blair, Muir, Marshall, and PHS) made the Washington Post’s “America’s Most Challenging High Schools” list for 2017
  • Transitional Kindergarten (TK) at seven locations and Expanded TK currently at two locations
  • Spanish Dual Language Immersion Programs at San Rafael, Jackson & Jefferson Elementary schools and Blair IB Secondary (6-12); French DLIP at Altadena Elementary
  • Mandarin Dual Language Immersion Program at Field Elementary, Sierra Madre Middle and Pasadena High School
  • STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering & Math) and STEAM (add Art) magnet schools at Washington Elementary and Middle
  • Eliot Arts Magnet middle school program that nurtures academic development through the integration of music, dance, theater and visual arts across the curriculum
  • Advanced Scholars program at Wilson Middle
  • Math Academy, a highly accelerated math program that allows gifted 5th, 6th, and 7th graders to begin learning Calculus
  • International Baccalaureate Program (primary program at Willard; middle and diploma programs at Blair)
  • High School College and Career Pathways Programs
  • Dual Enrollment allows students to earn college credit for specified high school courses
  • Recognized leader in the transition to Common Core Standards/21st Century Learning
  • Arts for All school district including instrumental music and My Masterpieces visual arts program
  • Middle School Robotics program
  • Pasadena LEARNS Afterschool program (see also City of Pasadena’s After-School Adventures Program, available at several PUSD campuses)
  • Naviance (college planning and application software) available to all secondary students

*U.S. News & World Report has repeatedly awarded silver medals to Blair and Marshall Secondary Schools (both 6-12) and Pasadena High School, ranking them among the country’s top high schools; Newsweek named it a top national public high school and ranked it above La Cañada, San Marino and South Pasadena high schools.

Go Public, a documentary film project produced in 2012, captured some of the people who participate in our schools.

  • Bess, 5th grade, Webster Elementary
  • Abby, 2nd grade, San Rafael Elementary (Spanish Dual Language Immersion)
  • David, 2nd grade, McKinley K-8
  • Joanna, 3rd grade, Field Elementary (Mandarin Dual Language Immersion)
  • Esmeralda, parent volunteer, Madison Elementary
  • Frances, principal, Hamilton Elementary

Pasadena Unified School District website

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