Section 7.1 Life Is Cellular Homework Answers

Name Class Date 7.1 Life Is CellularLesson ObjectivesState the cell theory.Describe how the different types of microscopes work.Distinguish between prokaryotes and eukaryotes.The Discovery of the CellFor Questions 1–6, complete each statement by writing the correct word or words.1.The invention of the made the discovery of cells possible.2. Robert Hooke used the name to refer to the tiny empty chambers he saw when he observed magnified cork.3.German botanist Matthias Schleiden concluded that are made of cells.4.German biologist Theodor Schwann concluded that are made of cells.5.Rudolph Virchow concluded that new cells are produced from .6. The combines the conclusions made by Schleiden, Schwann, and Virchow.Exploring the Cell 7. In the second row of the table, draw diagrams to show how a sample of three yeast cells would look in the types of micrographs indicated in the top row of the table. Then, in the third row, describe how each image would be formed.A Comparison of Detail in Basic Types of MicrographsLight Micrograph(LM 500x)Transmission Electron Micrograph(TEM 4375x)Scanning Electron Micrograph(SEM 3750x)THINK VISUALLY

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This powerpoint and Guided Notes set is used to discuss Cell Structure and Function. The powerpoint and guided notes correspond to Section 7-1: Life is Cellular from Miller and Levine. This powerpoint and the Guided Notes could easily be adapted to fit any biology textbook.
- The powerpoint for this section is 21 slides and the guided notes are 3 pages.
- Includes Daily Objectives.
- Guided Notes are a Modified Cornell Note format.
- For videos and resources for this chapter visit my wikispaces page:
- Powerpoint is included in pptx and ppt format.
- Guided notes are included in .docx and .doc format.

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