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If you have followed any of our previous discussions as we move towards the launch of our private label product, you will have heard the importance of having quality product photos as the foundation for a successful Amazon product. Since the Jungle Stix shipment has been manufactured and en route to Amazon’s warehouses, we have found a great product photography service, aptly named Product Photography They came highly recommended from some successful Amazon FBA sellers, and their portfolio indicates beautiful images geared towards Amazon images and other ecommerce product photography.   We were lucky to have a conversation with the founder of Product Photography, Robert House. He shared some great insights on creating optimized product images, which should help inform your approach to crafting beautiful photos that lead to higher click through rates, time on page, and ultimately conversion rates with your products.   Quick note: Robert has generously offered an exclusive discount to those following along with Jungle Scout’s Collaborative Launch. Read about that at the bottom of the article….   And if you want to join our next webinar, it will be on Tuesday December 8th at 3p EST/12n PST, REGISTER HERE. This will make it easier for our … Read More

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