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ENG 194 –Spring 2016 Writing Project 4: Reflective Essays In the final writing project, I ask you to write a reflective essay that examines and observes the progress of your individual experience as a student in ENG 194. While you may explain and analyze your development as a writer, you could also discuss future goals The essay should include a discussion of the strengths you have developed as a writer as well as your weaknesses. In other words, you may reflect on the progress you have made and have not made. Closely related to these weaknesses, you could also discuss what prevented you from making the improvements that you hope you could make, and what you may do to improve in the future. Reflective essays are based upon your own experiences, so it is expected that you write about yourself, your ideas, and your opinions. As a result, it is completely acceptable to use first person pronouns such as “I” or “me” in the essay. Since the reflective essay is built upon personal experience, you can be as creative as necessary. At the same time, do not let a focus on creativity take precedence over the important task of proving to your reader how you have grown as a student. A common structure for reflective essays is as follows: Introduction Introductions to reflective essays do not need to be longer than one paragraph in length. When writing an introduction, present the purpose of your reflection without giving your reader too much detail about the body of your paper. In the introduction, it is also helpful to tell your reader if you met your goals or the goals of the class/project. Later, in the body of the reflection, you can explain how these goals were or were not met in greater detail. Think of the introduction as a brief preview to the rest of your reflection. Body The body should discuss in detail your development as a student. For instance, how did you grow over the course of the class? What have you learned? Can you apply what you have learned to your future academic or life pursuits? How did you or did you not meet your goals or the goals of the class/project you were involved in? This is slightly different from what you should discuss in your introduction. Do not just tell the reader whether or not you met these goals. Rather, show the reader by using illustrations from class or other relevant experiences. Are there any skills you can improve on? If so, how do you plan on doing so in the future?

“Equal Government” For many years, women have been fighting for their rights and gender equality. The outrageous gender roles society puts on men and women limit the power of women and overpower the strength of men. It is unfortunate that today’s feminists are still fighting for the same goals as feminists 300 years ago. A well-known feminist, Mary Wollstonecraft, is a modern idol for today’s feminists due to her aspiring essays that motivate people to fight for gender equality. One of her works, “The Rights of Woman”, she states that in order to form a society that is happy and harmonic, equality among genders must exist. Wollstonecraft brings up a point that today’s society is based on the views of man and because of this society will favor and empower the man. A prime example of the overpowering of man is shown in politics, where the nation’s most important decisions take place. Politics is an area where women are underpowered. In every branch of government, men outnumber women in significant amounts. Because society is controlled by government and

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