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It’s time to kick-off a year new, which means new opportunities galore. In our eyes, that means new and exciting scholarship opportunities for anyone and everyone!

Start the New Year off right by applying for the below 2014 scholarships but – wait – don’t stop there!

Be sure to check out your 2014 scholarship matches for even more opportunities to make this year count.

Here are some great scholarships for 2014 to get you started off on the right foot (and the right financial path) this year:

Teen Video Challenge – $15,000

Deadline: 3/13/14
Ages: High School Freshman to College Freshman

Toyota Teen Driver is awarding a $15,000 Grand Prize to a high school student who submits a short video about safe teen driving. The two runners-up will receive $10,000 and $7,500 respectively.

Plus, the Grand Prize winner will work with a professional film crew to re-shoot their video into a TV-ready PSA and the first runner-up will win a behind-the-scenes trip to a television show!

Top-notch film skills are not needed and smart phone videos are accepted. This program is open to any high school student who is at least 13 years of age.

No minimum GPA.

Get more information on the Teen Video Challenge.
Anthem Essay Contest – $2,000

Deadline: 3/20/14
Ages: 14-16 Years

The Anthem Essay Contest is open to 8th, 9th and 10th grade students.

To be eligible for this award, you must write an essay of no fewer than 600 and no more than 1,200 words on a topic about Ayn Rand’s novelette, “Anthem.”

The winning essay must demonstrate an outstanding grasp of the philosophic meaning of “Anthem.”

Essays are judged on both style and content.

All information necessary to enter the contest is contained on the sponsor’s site.

Get more information on the Anthem Essay Contest.

Noet Humanities Scholarship – $500

Deadline: 4/15/14
Ages: College Freshman to Graduate Year 5

The Noet Humanities Scholarship is open to undergraduate and graduate students who are majoring in a humanities field.

You must be currently enrolled in a humanities program and submit your information on the sponsors website i order to qualify for this award.

Get more information on the Noet Humanities Scholarship.

Imagine Cup Games Competition – $50,000

Deadline: 4/30/14
Ages: College Freshman to Graduate Year 5

The Imagine Cup Games Competition is available to students with an interest in video game design.

To enter the contest you, or your team, must submit a desktop or tablet game using Windows, or a mobile game using Windows Phone, or a browser game using Windows Azure.

Games can support multiple languages as long as English is represented and be no bigger than 500MB to be eligible entries.

Get more information on the Imagine Cup Games Competition.

Castle Ink Paperless Scholarship – $1,000

Deadline: 5/1/14
Ages: College Freshman to Graduate Year 5

The Castle Ink Paperless Scholarship is available to entering and current college students.

To be considered, you must submit of picture of something cool that you made out of used printer ink cartridges, laser toner, or your old printer.

You may also apply by submitting a message via social media about recycling and / or how you reduce, reuse, and recycle.

Get more information on the Castle Ink Paperless Scholarship.

DutchCrafters Amish Furniture Heritage Scholarship – $500

Deadline: 5/1/14
Ages: High School Senior to College Senior

The DutchCrafters Amish Furniture Heritage Scholarship is available to high school seniors and undergraduate college students.

You must plan to enroll or be enrolled at an accredited institution for the entire 2014-2015 academic year, be a U.S. citizen or legal resident and have a minimum GPA of 3.0 to qualify for this award.

Selection is also based on academic achievement, financial need and completion of an essay on the topic: “How will you draw upon your cultural heritage to shape your vocational aspirations, offer creative value to your future employer and serve your community?”

Get more information on the DutchCrafters Amish Furniture Heritage Scholarship.

$7,500 Financial Education Scholarship

Deadline: 6/19/14
Ages: Max of 26 Years

Run a financial education workshop for your friends and you’ll be entered to win a $7,500 scholarship. 3/4 of teens don’t know enough about personal finances.

Arm your friends with mad money skills by running a workshop to teach them.

Sign up at and we’ll give you three pre-made workshops to choose from.

Everyone who runs a workshop, and tells us about it, will be entered to win a $7,500 scholarship.

No essay or minimum GPA required.

Get more information on the $7,500 Financial Education Scholarship.

4th GotScholarship: $40k Give Away

Deadline: 9/30/14
Ages: Minimum Age of 18

The 4th GotScholarship $40K Give Away is easy and free to enter.

No GPA, no essay and no financial need required. The winner will be chosen from a random drawing.

The $40,000 must be used for educational expenses.

Open to all fields of study.

Get more information on the 4th GotScholarship: $40k Give Away.

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The Union Plus Scholarship Program

Since 1991, the Union Plus Scholarship Program has awarded more than $4.2 million to students of working families who want to begin or continue their post-secondary education.

Over 2,800 families have benefited from our commitment to higher education. The Union Plus Scholarship Program is offered through the Union Plus Education Foundation, supported in part by contributions from the provider of the Union Plus Credit Card. (You do not need to be a Union Plus Credit Card holder to apply for this scholarship.) See eligibility in the tab below.

The Facts 


Current and retired members of participating unions, their spouses and their dependent children (as defined by IRS regulations). At least one year of continuous union membership by the applicant, applicant's spouse or parent (if applicant is a dependent). The one year membership minimum must be satisfied by May 31, 2019.  See more details on eligibility in the tab below.

Evaluation Criteria

This is a competitive scholarship. Applicants are evaluated according to academic ability, social awareness, financial need and appreciation of labor. A GPA of 3.0 or higher is recommended. The required essays can account for up to half your total score. Scholarship applicants are judged by a committee of impartial post-secondary educators

Application Timeline

Applications are available starting in mid-June, and a complete application must be received on or before 12:00 p.m. (Eastern Time) on January 31, 2019. Applications received after this deadline will not be considered.

Scholarship Award Amounts

Amounts range from $500 to $4,000. These one-time cash awards are for study beginning in the Fall of 2019. Students may re-apply each year.

Introducing Isaiah's Award

Union Plus is proud to announce the creation of Isaiah's Award, to honor the exceptional life of Isaiah C., a beloved child, fostered and adopted by a current, long-time employee of Union Plus.  Isaiah was a smart, talented, spiritual, generous and kind young man. It is our wish that his gentle spirit live on, in part, through this namesake scholarship.

Applicants for Isaiah's Award must have a special connection to the foster care system, and will be asked in their application to describe their personal, employment, volunteer experiences, or career goals related to the foster care system. 

Award Date

The Scholarship Committee will determine recipients of scholarship awards by May 31 each year. During the first week of June award recipients will be individually notified by mail, and all applicants will be sent an email with notification that the award list is posted.  Please note that due to the volume of applications we cannot provide any information on the status of an application before award announcements are made.

Outstanding Scholarship Recipients

The students selected for university, college, trade or technical school scholarships represent a wide sampling of backgrounds, union affiliations, goals and accomplishments. The selection process is very competitive since we receive over 5,000 applications each year.

The Union Plus Education Foundation

The Union Plus Education Foundation has awarded more than $4.2 million in scholarships to students of union families. Over 2,800 union families have benefited from our commitment to higher education.

With the help of donations from union supporters, the Foundation can help even more union families attain their education goals. Learn more about the Union Plus Education Foundation.

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