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  • Mastering Maths Smartly is about helping students make sense of maths.

    The site’s creator, Mr Wee Wen Shih, is an experienced mathematics educator who have taught extensively, since 2009, at various levels (i.e., primary, IP, JC, polytechnic, university). He is a reputed author of H1/H2 maths TYS/solution books with Dyna Publisher (Aug 2006 – Dec 2012) and an active contributor and moderator of SgForums’ Homework forum. In 2013, Wen Shih edited the H2 Maths Ten-Year-Series book for Fairfield Publishers.

    Wen Shih is currently a part-time lecturer/tutor at Nanyang Polytechnic’s School of Engineering. He also offers private tuition classes to students.

    Wen Shih completed his M. Sc. postgraduate studies at NIE/NTU under the mentorship of A/P Zhao Dongsheng in 2010. His research interest is Domain Theory. The interested reader may take a glimpse at his research publications [ 1 | 2 ].

    To recharge and rejuvenate, he enjoys running, swimming, yoga, qigong, meditation, and reading. One of his favourite authors is Krishnamurti who had these to say about the meaning of education.

    Wen Shih has formal training in meditation and Reiki healing. He aspires to be a teacher of both disciplines in the near future.

    Wen Shih volunteered to serve as Dy Chairman (Crisis Management) in NDP 2016 Sponsorship Committee, under the capable leadership of COL(NS) William Chua.

    In May 2016 & Mar 2017, Wen Shih completed the Company Tactics Course (or Professional Diploma in Leadership and People Management) and the Battalion Tactics Course (or Specialist Diploma in Leadership and People Management) respectively, in preparation for his appointment in the Armour brigade. These courses are well recognised by the Singapore Workforce Skills Qualifications.


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