Higher Maths Functions Homework

rc-higher-hw-1Mathematics is important in everyday life, allowing us to make sense of the world around us and to manage our lives. Using mathematics enables us to model real-life situations and make connections and informed predictions. It equips us with the skills we need to interpret and analyse information, simplify and solve problems, assess risk and make informed decisions.

The Course aims to:

  • motivate and challenge learners by enabling them to select and apply mathematical techniques in a variety of mathematical situations
  • develop confidence in the subject and a positive attitude towards further study in mathematics and the use of mathematics in employment
  • deliver in-depth study of mathematical concepts and the ways in which mathematics describes our world
  • allow learners to interpret, communicate and manage information in mathematical form; skills which are vital to scientific and technological research and development
  • deepen the learner’s skills in using mathematical language and exploring advanced mathematical ideas

Course Information

CfE New Higher Course Schedule.

Record of Achievement for Higher Maths  This document allows you to track yourself against all the Assessment Standards in the course.

The National Parent Forum of Scotland has produced a series of summary documents to outline the content of the new Highers; here is the Mathematics summary.

Easter Revision

Easter differentiationEaster Differentiation Solutions

Easter geometryEaster Geometry Solutions

Easter integrationEaster Integration Solutions

Easter TrigonometryEaster Trigonometry Solutions


Expressions and Functions









SQA Past Papers

These past papers include short response questions in Paper 1, as you will find in the new Higher;

new higher_mathematics_all_2016New higher 2016 solutions

New Higher Mathematics_all_2015New Higher 2015 solutions

Higher 2001 – Paper 1 and 2Solutions – Paper 1Paper 2
Higher 2002 – Paper 1 and 2Solutions – Paper 1Paper 2
Higher 2003 – Paper 1 and 2Answers  – Paper 1Paper 2
Higher 2004 – Paper 1 and 2Solutions – Paper 1Paper 2
Higher 2005 – Paper 1Paper 2Solutions – Paper 1Paper 2
Higher 2006 – Paper 1Paper 2Marking Scheme Paper 1Paper 2
Higher 2007 – Paper 1Paper 2Marking Scheme Paper 1 Paper 2




PLP-for-Higher Maths

Revision Resources

Scholar Resources
Scholar Book 1
Scholar Book 2
Scholar Book 3

Homework Exercises
BP01 Basic Skills and Straight Line
BP02 Basic Skills and Straight Line
BP03 Straight Line and Functions
BP04 Basic Skills, Straight Line, Functions
BP05 Straight Line, Functions, Differentiation
BP06 Functions and Differentiation
BP07 Functions, Differentiation and RR
BP08 Str Line, Functions, Diff and RR
BP09 Str Line, Diff and RR
BP10 Differentiation and Quadratic Theory
BP11 Basic Skills and Quadratic Theory
BP12 Basic Skills, Diff, Quad Theory and Rem Theorem
BP13 Func, Sequences, Rem Theorem & Integration
BP14 Trig, Diff, RR & Integration
BP15 Trig, Polynomials, Quad, Diff, RR, Int
BP16 revision
BP17 Circle, Trig, Int, Quads, Polynomials
BP18 Revision
BP19 Revision
BP20 Vectors and Revision
BP21 Vectors, Further Differentiation and Revision
BP22 Further Calculus, Vectors and Revision
BP23 Wave, Further Calculus, Vectors and Revision
BP24 Wave, Further Calculus, Vectors and Revision
BP25 Wave,Further Calculus, Vectors, Logs & Exponentials

NAR Preparation

Useful Websites
SQA Website
SQA Past Paper Topics
SQA Past Papers
Prestwick Academy
Queen Anne High School
Millburn Academy

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